4 Cavitation Facials w/Skin Tightening & the WORKS

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This procedure is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Ultrasonic cavitation tones the body using radio frequencies and low-frequency ultrasonic waves. These waves form bubbles around fat deposits under the skin. The bubbles then burst, breaking the fat deposits into the interstitial and the lymphatic systems where they are drained and cold to burn fat cells into free fatty acids.

Benefits of cavitation
  • Helps reduce and removes cellulite.
  • Allows you to contour your body.
  • Pain free with no down time.
  • Target specific areas.
  • Quick and effective results.
  • See results after just one sessions.

Includes Full Alanna Jax Signature Facial; May include dermaplanning, microdermabrasion, carboxytherapy, hydrotherapy, LED light therapy etc.

This procedure is mostly use to reduce your thighs, upper arms, hips and chin area, where the most visible part of fats/ belly's are more noticeable.

Ultrasound Cavitation therapy can be safely performed every 7 to 14 days.

Some restrictions do apply.

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