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Eucalyptus oil clears the mind. Tea extract calms feelings of uncertainty. Made with aloe and bamboo extract, Relax and reground with this carefully crafted essential oil blend. 

Fills any room with beautiful, long-lasting fragrance.  

EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT: A day at the spa with your fresh, herbal favorites. Fragrance notes: fresh spearmint, clary sage and eucalyptus leaf. 


EUCALYPTUS & TEA: What it smells like: a fresh, herbal brew.Fragrance notes: zesty grapefruit, chamomile tea and fresh eucalyptus.


VANILLA LAVENDER:  A dreamy bedside bouquet.  Fragrance notes: lavender blossom, creamy vanilla, white woods and sugared musk.


FROSTED COCONUT SNOWBALL:  A wintry blend of frosted coconut, North Pole vanilla, winter freesia, snow-kissed woods and spun sugar.

Why you'll love it:
*  Patented soy wax blend with natural essential oils
*  Quality lead-free wicks
*  Amazing quality from beginning to end
*  Comes with a twist-on lid
*  The perfect gift for anyone

Aromatherapy Scented Candles

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